Writing and publishing are the currency of academia—your novel ideas can't make a contribution to your field if you can't get them published! And so many times, it's not the ideas or even the structure that cause articles to be rejected. Often, the problem is the writing—reviewers have trouble following writing that is murky or jargon-ridden. The can't see the importance of your ideas if they can't get through the underbrush of your writing! 


I offer writing workshops for faculty, lab groups, teams, or organizations on effective, efficient writing strategies and techniques of clear, economical, readable academic writing. I deliver customized workshops, aimed at your group's specific needs and contexts, with plenty of hands-on practice. Workshops can run from an hour to all day, depending on your group's needs.


Workshops for researchers may focus either on strategies of producing academic writing (the writing process, motivation techniques, scheduling, goal-setting), or strategies for polishing existing academic writing: revising and editing existing drafts to ready them for submission (revision strategies, paragraph- and sentence-level editing principles to reduce complication without losing nuance).


Workshops for teaching faculty focus on helping you use writing in your courses in an effective way: workshops may include how to design writing assignments that support course goals, how to respond to student writing, and how to assess student writing.