Substantive or line editing

  • useful for near-final drafts

  • sentence and paragraph revisions

  • improves flow, clarity, and readability

What about those pieces that are mostly logical and neatly structured, but just don't feel quite finished? These pieces often lack coherence; with line editing, I can help increase your writing's coherence and polish to let its fundamental strength emerge. (I think of line editing as cutting, polishing, and setting a fine gemstone—I help make your work shine and sparkle.)

Line edits are sentence- and paragraph-level revisions that increase the reader's sense of cohesion, focus, and flow, improving the clarity, elegance, and (often) the logic of the piece. (I query often, drawing your attention not only to unclear sentences but also to gaps in the argument and contradictory or inconsistent claims, so there is an element of developmental editing in my line edits as well.) This is my favorite part of editing! I love making complex arguments clear to readers outside of your subspecialty without reducing the complexity or nuance of your claims. This level of editing turns the piece from something that makes perfect sense to you to something that makes perfect sense to your reader.