As a researcher in the humanities, I have found Heath’s editing services invaluable when finessing ideas, particularly when preparing work for publication. In one instance Heath helped me condense a longer work for journal publication, in the process streamlining my argument and helping me strengthen my ideas while clarifying my prose. In another essay recently accepted for publication in American Literature, Heath offered feedback that dramatically improved the quality of my argument and flawlessly transitioned my style from MLA to Chicago. She has an excellent eye for detail and her extensive training allows her to offer incisive feedback that enhances the quality of my research.
— Ben Bolling, PhD. English and Comparative Literature. UNC-CH. (April 12, 2016)
Heath’s help has been invaluable as I rethink my stolid, academic dissertation into a dynamic, readable yet rigorous work of serious non-fiction. Not only has she helped me see gaps and opportunities to improve, she has helped me immeasurably with overcoming the terrors of writing. I wish my previous experiences with editors had been as good!
— Stephanie Morgan, Ph.D. Director of Member Education, CompTIA. (March 8, 2016)
Heath provided valuable insight and improved the organizational flow of several documents of mine that were reviewed. Feedback was appropriate and invaluable. In addition, questions and correspondence were both pleasant and expeditious. Thank you for your help.
— James Puglia, Ed.D. candidate. Educational Technology Leadership. New Jersey City University (March 7, 2016).
Dr. Sledge edited an article that we had been working on with a small research team in preparation for publication. The work was collaboratively written and we were concerned that it should have a unified voice and presentation, but that we were unable to see the problems where they were. Not only did she succeed in incorporating our different voices and writing styles into a consolidated narrative, but she gave invaluable advice about restructuring our prose such that the logic of our arguments were clear, concise, and coherent. We had spent so much time writing and rewriting this work that we were lost in it. Without Heath’s contribution, the article may never have reached a state in which we would have been comfortable submitting it. If you want to publish your work and ensure that your readers take something valuable away from it, enlist Heath’s considerable skills and talent as an editor. You will not regret it!
— John D. Martin III, Ph.D. candidate. Information Science. UNC-Chapel Hill; Kaitlin Costello, Ph.D. Library and Information Science. Rutgers University (March 2, 2016).
Heath has worked with my research group on several rounds of revisions to NIH grant proposals and journal articles for publication. She is easy to work with, responsible, and turns things around when she says she will. She has helped us present our research so that it can be understood by scientists not in our particular field; her advice on restructuring paragraphs and sentences for clarity have made our work much more accessible to non-specialists and much more readable. The writing she has helped us with has a high success rate, and she’s always available to explain changes and collaborate on further revisions. I continue to call on her whenever I or my students need help communicating our research findings.
— Darrel Stafford, Ph.D. Biology. UNC-Chapel Hill (September 4, 2015)
Heath’s view of language and editing is far more than just a collection of rules to be followed. She understands that language is dynamic and always fulfills a purpose, and she is perceptive about our purpose in science. I’m really impressed with her knowledge of clean, economical, and clear writing, and for that alone her services are exceptional. The value she adds is in knowing the standards of how we practice science, and what matters to us in reading and thinking about science writing. I’m a pretty good writer - not brilliant, but I could have done okay on my own. Heath knew how to elevate and connect my ideas; she helped me weave them into a great story.
— Anne-Marie Hoskinson, Ph.D. Biology. Michigan State University (October 22, 2015)
Heath has been worked with us for several years on a couple of projects. Her editing is very thoughtful and in details, her the comments are very helpful. I am surprised that she can get (or grasp) the overall idea of our project quickly and edit our work according to the scientific logic behind it. I was inspired by some of her thoughtful comments in designing one of my experiment on vitamin K epoxide reductase study. With her great help, we have renewed our NIH R01 grant and published several papers in the prestige journals in the field.
— Jack Tie, Ph.D. Biology. UNC-Chapel Hill (October 15, 2015)
Heath was fast and thorough, and I would definitely recommend her editing services.
— Diana Walsh Pasulka, Ph.D. Philosophy and Religion. UNC-Wilmington (October 12, 2015)
Recently, I worked with Heath to finalize an article for publication. Her thoughtful and precise comments on the manuscript helped me identify a key section to revise that could be clarified with additional explanation. Without her editorial assistance, the readers may have missed the importance of that particular component. She is precise and fluent in multiple citation styles. In particular, her assistance with the APA style guide for the journal streamlined the polishing process. I really appreciate her attention to detail and will be calling on her expertise for future projects.
— Jennifer Ware, Ph.D. Communications. Wright State University (August 25, 2015)
Dr. Heath Sledge has worked with our group and many students in the department over the years. She helped edited many of our scientific publications, which are widely read for several years. Her edits focus not only on the writing mechanics and grammar, but also suggest areas where the exposition of our papers can improve in terms of style and effectiveness in communicating the main themes of our work. In addition, she often explained the rationales behind her suggested changes; these insights helped us improve our scientific writing in the long run as well.
— Ming C. Lin, Ph.D. Computer Science. UNC-Chapel Hill (August 31, 2015)
She always responded timely to our request for help in proofreading. She not only edited grammatical errors but also corrected confusing paragraphs. In addition, she helped us with the format consistency in our writing.
— Shan Yang, PhD candidate. Computer Science. UNC-Chapel Hill (August 31, 2015)